Transforming Challenges into Triumphs

We are a vibrant team of young and dynamic workforce offering comprehensive e-commerce services.

We are 9th Sight. A visionary creative agency with an independent spirit, rooted in innovation.

9th Sight offers an extensive array of services, including Amazon Consulting, Seller Account Management for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and more. Comprising a dynamic team of young professionals, we provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions under one roof. With over 6+ years of experience and a track record of successful assistance to numerous Amazon sellers, we are confident in delivering fresh and effective approaches with seamless communication.

Our primary focus is on clients from the U.S.A., U.K, Australia, Canada, and the EU. However, if you are from a country where Amazon is less prominent, we are still delighted to support you. As our valued client, we prioritize understanding and fulfilling your needs promptly, facilitated by our well-established systems and efficiency. Throughout our collaboration, we ensure complete accountability, leaving our clients with nothing but positive feedback.

Our Services

Our Amazon specialists & designers will help you build a strong presence & embody your brand's values.

Brands we’ve
worked with

At our heart, we value each customer knowing you are akin to us. Bold dreamers with hearts wide open to embrace change.

Meet the team.

Designer, developer or marketer, people do business with people. Our team of dedicated specialists put your business first.

Lee Marples
Strategic Director & Co-founder
Grant Thompson
Creative Director & Co-founder
Ellamae Monk
Website Designer

The vision.

Our vision is to become the go-to E-commerce company for any business that is seeking professional services necessary to grow a business and make it a renowned brand.

Our values.

We are Innovators. We are a Family. We think and Motivate with Dedication. We take pride in being 9th Sight.


We bring things to fruition

We proactively foster creativity and innovation both within our organization and beyond. We hold the belief that every endeavor we undertake must be exceptional. Our goal is to amaze through our efforts and collaborative endeavors.


We prioritize looking out for one another

Practicing honesty, openness, and transparency among ourselves fosters personal growth and unleashes our full potential. Our clients are an integral part of our extended family and our utmost desire is to see them thrive and excel.


We embrace a grand vision.

Comprehending your business, strategically and creatively, enables us to deliver an exceptional service. Collaboratively, we tackle the uncharted territory with innovative ideas to elevate both ourselves and the businesses we serve.


We never give up

We inspire each other to accomplish remarkable feats and demonstrate the bravery to make intelligent decisions. Embracing the possibility of failure, we encourage one another to persevere and try anew. We are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge & continuous growth..


We love what we do

We are unbelievably Dedicated. We believe that creativity and passion go hand in hand. We want people to be inspired by how we are, how we work and the impact we have, our passion and your passion are collaborative.


We own our work

Creativity is an innate skill and subject to individual interpretation. We aspire to instill a sense of pride in everyone for their creations, acknowledge and value their contributions, and offer team roles that foster personal growth and advancement.